About Us


Whether it's your wedding, birthday party, or a corporate event, we help you bring people together. Featuring Pacific Northwest cuisine with just the right amount of comfort, we source local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible, creating a menu to meet your desired taste.  



I grew up in a small family with a big love for home cooked meals. We very rarely went out to eat, and when we did, the meals at home were far more memorable. Family has always been the center of my culinary experience. My mother taught me how to prepare a roux and cook my first béchamel when I was not much taller than the counter. Her Alfredo sauce and clam chowder are out of this world.  I vividly remember my father teaching me his father's homemade pasta recipe. To this day we use that recipe in my favorite meal, chicken noodle soup with grandpa's homemade pasta. My grandma's love of baking and preparing jams is engrained in me. As an adult, my love of baking has grown through my mother-in-law's passion and talent. We are spoiled by my father-in-law's fanaticism of fishing in the Puget Sound. 

I have always had a passion for cooking and creating recipes. This is undoubtedly due to the culture of cooking I grew up with, but I suppose it's also because I simply love to eat. I will try anything you put in front of me, and it's a rarity when I do not enjoy it. As a result, I have an endless curiosity about cooking with new and seasonal ingredients and trying new things. I love taking a classic meal and giving it a twist, creating good, clean eating using fresh, local ingredients. 

In college, I combined my passion for food with a business degree, serving as the catering lead for Washington State University Hospitality Catering. I learned valuable skills like meal planning, wine pairing, and managing the logistics of large group meal service. During summers off from school, I worked for a few local caterers, learning from these talented professionals, honing my skills, and gaining experience. Upon achieving a B.A. in Hospitality and Business, I worked in the kitchens of many different styles of restaurants, discovering that above all, catering is what I love most. I love the events that require a caterer: people coming together. I get to make and provide the food for those people and nothing brings me more joy or happiness. And the best part is I get to do it with my family.

– Brianna Frease, Owner


People who love to eat are always the best people - Julia Child.